The "Energy black-out stress test"

Today, more than ever, the press reports stories about possible energy black-outs in Belgium and abroad. The possibility of such an energy black-out is increasing and will have an enormous impact on all organisations, on an operational as well as a financial level.

Your challenges

Like most organisations, you’re used to handling incidents that occur in the normal course of operations. However, an energy black-out is so severe that it is defined as ‘a crisis’, and, considering its consequences, it needs a different approach. By definition, most crises are abnormal and very extreme, often occurring abruptly, with little or no warning. They are difficult to handle as they are not routine for those involved in managing them. Handling a crisis requires certain skills and experience to manage the situation with the degree of skill and objectivity normally applied to routine situations.

Your organisational Crisis Management capability will increase its reliability when thoroughly exercised. No matter how well designed a Crisis Management or Business Continuity (Resilience) program is, a series of robust and realistic exercises or stress tests will identify issues and assumptions that require attention. A well-prepared “Energy black-out stress test” covering all aspects of the resilience plans and personnel in place should be part of your Resilience program.

How can PwC help you?

This specific stress test focuses on maximising the benefits while minimising possible disruptions such as:

  • production lines or PC’s not functioning
  • no storage in cooled areas
  • people not able to come to work due to transport issues (gas stations, public transport etc.)
  • no water transport in office buildings
  • etc.

The stress test performed varies from step-by-step scenarios that allow participants to experience the specific situation of handling an extreme severe crisis situation to real-time and complex scenarios that challenge even the most experienced Crisis Management Team members.

As a professional independent and international firm, PwC has the experience of organising a tailor-made “Energy black-out stress test” for all kinds of organisations. Depending on the preferences, the maturity of the participants and the required complexity of the exercise, we can guide your organisation through the different steps in establishing the most appropriate scenario for your Crisis Simulation.