HR Law

HR law is all about people – and of course all the associated legal questions and concerns that arise on a day-to-day basis. Working conditions, redundancy, training, equal opportunity recruitment, pensions, social security, taxation – the provisions of EU and national law reach into every corner of a company’s operations.

HR law is at the centre of rapid responses to changes in the business climate: 

  • opening and closing subsidiaries, 
  • new collective bargaining agreements, 
  • individual dismissals and collective redundancies, 
  • executive compensation reviews,
  • increasing international mobility. 

Companies’ strategic people decisions are subject to legislation in multiple jurisdictions within Europe and beyond, each with its own unique body of HR law and directives which must be respected.

PwC can help you manage all these issues and provide insight and support so that the decisions you make have the desired outcome: a more efficient organisation, a well structured workforce and proactive management of all the associated regulatory affairs. Our HR legal services cover the following core areas:

Employment law

Complying with current employment legislation is an ever-present challenge for organisations. You are expected to act quickly to adapt to new regulations and cases that regularly alter the legal landscape...

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Social security

We have a specialist team of lawyers advising on the various branches of the social security scheme, for both employees and self-employed persons, in both a national and an international context.

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Pensions today entail many challenges, but even more opportunities. Our pension services practice can help you address these systemically...

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Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a high-net-worth individual, fast and effective migration capabilities are key to your success in today’s global marketplace. We have a team of immigration and relocation experts that can provide the up-to-date immigration advice you need...

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Executive pay

Executive pay is a key factor in your reward strategy and can play a decisive role in your company’s development and profitability.
Being seen as an employer of choice and providing the right incentives to key executives and top management, means you’ll be able to attract and retain the right people while optimising their employee cost.

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International mobility

Global worker mobility is increasing, thanks to factors like talent shortages and an ageing workforce. Our international mobility team provides strategic consulting advice, planning and compliance services to organisations that deploy staff across international borders...

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Payroll set-up and compliance

The Belgian tax and social security rates are high and the payroll system complex. The typical payroll items mean you really need technical support to fully understand the ins and outs of Belgium’s payroll system.
Did you know that your 2010 holiday rights will be based on how much you work in 2009? That, from time to time, all salaries are indexed even if you gave your workforce a raise a month before?...

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