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integrated-reporting - governance
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Making corporate reporting smarter: integrated reporting

Global issues, economic changes, new technology: Today's business landscape has changed beyond recognition. And it's still changing.

Just as the way of doing business has changed, so has the way of communicating. Stakeholders demand more than the annual financial statements to judge whether a company is creating value.
A complex business world means stakeholders need relevant, reliable and timely information on risks, strategies and governance too.

Integrated reporting avoids information overload while meeting the needs for information of investors, regulators and other stakeholders. Getting it right can secure capital and credit, help win the war for talent, develop strong relationships and build trust in your business.

Your integrated reporting challenges

  • Keeping up with current practice and new requirements in reporting such as the developments in integrated reporting.
  • Pressure from investors and analysts for information on how external drivers affect your business, how risk is managed, and how the business really works.
  • Finding a balance between too little and too much information in external reporting.
  • Focussing on information that is relevant and could influence investor decisions.
  • Making sure that the right information is used in reporting and that it's reliable
  • Communicating a consistent and balanced message to all investors.
Integrated reporting - Governance sustainibility

How PwC can help you

  • We can bring you the latest thinking on emerging industry trends and International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) developments.
  • We develop industry-specific reporting benchmarks and find solutions to reporting issues that you face and that are unique to your industry
  • We can help define sustainable objectives and reporting in line with your company's strategy. We can create and preserve value by advising you on strategy, governance, risk, corporate reporting, management information, remuneration, sustainability, total tax contribution and assurance of sustainability and other information.
  • We can assist you in setting up a sustainable plan to move towards integrated reporting so you can think long term.

How will integrated reporting help my organisation?

A move to a joined-up way of reporting brings a number of business benefits including:

  • Being able to clearly show the ability of your organisation to create value over time;
  • Give clear reporting to investors of financial capital that highlights long-term, as well as short and medium-term value creation;
  • Enhance reporting of accountability and stewardship of financial, manufactured, human, intellectual, natural, and social and relationship capital and their interdependencies;

Promote integrated thinking, decision-making and actions that focus on the creation of value in the long term, as well as the short and medium term.