Governance and sustainability

Global opportunities and growth mean global corporate governance responsibilities. New levels of accountability, which come not just from new laws and regulations, but also from the expectations of a broader stakeholder group, have elevated the concerns at board level of ensuring that effective, robust and reliable governance and compliance tools are in place and being utilised. There is also an increased awareness that this needs to be underpinned with the right attitudes and behaviours to ensure people will still act in a manner which protects the organisation’s reputation.


Your challenges

Today’s businesses face a wider range of stakeholder expectations and more public scrutiny than ever before. Capital markets, consumers, pressure groups, employees and governments are just a few of those that rightly hold companies to account for how they define and execute their corporate strategies.

Users of annual accounts are getting more particular about transparent reporting on governance, risk management and corporate responsibility matters, especially qualitative aspects with a bearing on businesses’ financial situations.


How PwC can help you

We make it easy for you to get the help you need in order to be compliant and transparent in addressing the challenges of GRC. Through two single points of contact you have access to our team of ‘hands-on’ specialists with practical experience in risk assurance.

Corporate governance services

We can assist boards and leaders in implementing legal, regulatory and best-practice governance standards, including the Belgian Code and the new remuneration codes.

We introduce corporate governance measures that make a real difference to your organisation by:

  • improving board effectiveness
  • improving risk and control oversight at board level
  • optimising audit committee and remuneration committee structures
  • reviewing remuneration policies and practices

We can help corporate groups to improve their internal governance while ensuring their subsidiary boards meet their regulatory obligations.

Sustainability reporting

Our sustainability reporting and management services can help you identify the impact of key social, environmental and economic issues and share that information with all stakeholders, including regulators and the wider community.

We focus on four activities:

  • reporting and communication planning and strategy
  • review and improvement of governance, systems and reporting processes in the field of sustainability reporting
  • assurance of non-financial information
  • reporting analysis and feedback


Our credentials

Review of corporate governance disclosures

We helped a major listed company improve its governance disclosures. We reviewed its corporate governance charter against the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code, made recommendations to enhance transparency in its governance practices and identified areas for improving actual governance practice. We also reviewed its annual disclosures and made recommendations to bring them into line with the legal requirements and the Code, and with guidance issued by institutional shareholder groups and other leading practices.

Internal control oversight

In a recent project, the audit board of a European intergovernmental organisation asked us to evaluate the design of internal control oversight of the governing body and come up with improvement recommendations. Throughout the process, we helped build awareness of external stakeholders’ increasing expectations in terms of sound governance, and what this means in terms of accountability transparency, reporting on the activities of the governing body and its committees, and reporting on the internal control of risks. Building awareness of these matters in turn helps actually improve steering and monitoring practice, and thus the focus of the organisation’s performance.

Internal governance review

We reviewed the internal governance within a subgroup of a major international financial institution. The key question was how the subsidiary’s board fulfils its fiduciary duties towards the legal entity it steers and oversees. Our recommendations helped the group improve the quality of subsidiary board oversight, thereby strengthening control and mitigating strategic, reputational and operational risks.